Episode 29

Published on:

9th Sep 2021

Renowned TV Anchor, Pedro Rivera: From the Bronx, to Sac, to LaLa Land!

You see him on television every single day in SacTown ... the ladies love him, the fellows want to be his bro, and the city has embraced him for being an incredible news anchor. Even though his time here in Sacramento has come to an end, we are excited to bring to you a new episode of Comin in Hot with the famous, Pedro Rivera! Chef Cecil caught up with the New York Native to talk about his journey in the television industry, his ironic love for the Charlotte Hornets, and how the city of Los Angeles has already embraced him.

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"Comin' In Hot", W/ Chef Cec
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Comin' In Hot is a weekly podcast hosted by Sacramento renowned chef, Cecil Rhodes. Every week, the owner of SacTown's hottest chicken spot, Nash & Proper, will sit down with professionals, friends and acquaintances making a splash in California's capital city. For 60 minutes, Rhodes will tackle hot topics around the world and dive into spicy discussions about each respective industry. Comin' In Hot is juicy, full of flavor and packed with jollification.

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